Software that captures measurement data

Automation with bar-codes

Barcodes like Code 39 can improve productivity when working with ChromaChecker™ by automating the measuring and encoding the meta data defining the printing condition that can be parsed automatically when uploaded to ChromaChecker. Automated naming conventions in various areas of the workflow will speed up and simplify the data capturing process and improve accuracy. In order to manage data (be able to correctly filter data), it is critical to enter required variables. Job Number, Job ID, Operator Name, Customer Name or other variables have to be a perfect match. Bar codes can resolve this issue very efficiently.


Free Code 39 Barcode Font.

To download free Code 39 Barcode Font and learn details how to install (both Mac and Win procedures), print (specification and resolution requirements) and scan (readers) visit e.g.

Note that to use the free license you have to meet the free license qualifications or buy the font. 

Of course, Code 39 is one possible solution - but it is the most common barcode in use today, and virtually every barcode scanner is compatible with measuring it. 


Entering data: keyboard emulation mode

Barcode scanners can act as an external keyboard so that anything scanned with the scanner is output wherever the cursor is blinking on the computer screen (like entered on the keyboard). This is so called keyboard emulation. 


Implementing barcode

It is recommended to integrate barcodes using imposition software or RIP software. Job ID, Customer name may be typed with barcode font - when using human readable version both operators and scanners can use it. Most RIPs make it possible to print Job Ticket - some make it possible to select a custom font. 


Read also about iSis working with barcodes - insert any supported test-chart into iSis and your data will be scanned and uploaded with very small operator intervention (confirm default name for saving purpose only).