CC Capture

X-Rite eXact/eXact Scan


  • X-Rite eXact/eXact Scan

  • Supported instruments: Premium or Advanced version.

  • Modes: Spot, Scan (depending on instrument version)

  • M-Condition supported: M0, M1, M2, M3 (M3 not available for XT version)

  • Inspectors: Print Inspector, Instrument Inspector,

  • Soon: Color Inspector, Substrate Inspector, Plate Inspector


Features / unique benefits:

  1. Any Start/End - the user may start from the first patch or before, ends on last or behind last one.
  2. Any Direction - the user may start scanning with the normal or opposite direction
  3. Bar-code support for Scanning Template selection and description.
  4. Quick Report on Instrument Display - the operator will gest Pass/Fail + E-Factor report immediately after calculation ( typically < 2 sec.)



  1. Track your instrument with Instrument Inspector Target frequently.
  2. ChromaChecker Backer is strongly recommended - Errors caused by improper backing might be more than ∆E00>2 (Standard Proofing Paper)
  3. Calibration Standard (white plaque), as well as optical path, have to be cleaned
  4. Launch X-Rite eXact manager (free utility) to check Instrument at least semi-yearly. Check for firmware updates.
  5. Make sure that your USB socket delivers enough power and you are using high-quality connection cable.
  6. Be sure that environmental conditions (RHT) are in the recommended range



  1. Current version supports only USB cable connection - BT coming soon
  2. BT on the Mac may be very unstable (caused by unsupported my mac hardware communication classes)
  3. Multi M-condition measurements require that operator will manually turn the knob to switch between M1/ M0, M2, M3