ChromaChecker™ Uploader

Basic features:

  • The DataCollector application can monitor specific folders.
  • Only files with defined extension (.xml  .txt. svf  .csv, cxf .mxf  .lxf)  or with specific  permanent name will be uploaded (select one method per task)
  • Files can be renamed with a current timestamp plus additional prefix if defined.
  • Files from an Input Folder can be copied and or moved (DEL option) to local Output Folder.
    To activate select Output Folder. 
  • At the same time, files can be transmitted using SOAP protocol to ChromaChecker server
  • Each task has to be Active in order to operate (Active checkbox) — Save Task to apply.

Main DataCollector Window:



Installation Procedure:

1. Download and Install the Data Collector software. 
    All required system components: 

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Extended
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 

    if necessary all components will be installed automatically by the Installer.

2. Launch Installer, follow on display instructions.

3. You may want to add application shortcut into Startup Applications Folder – important when the application has to relaunch whenever the system is rebooted. 


Task Setting

1. Establish SOAP connection with ChromaChecker Cloud

To establish SOAP connection a valid SOAP dedicated login and password are required.
To receive it, go to "SOAP account" while logged into your ChromaChecker account (available from the top menu bar). If necessary you may change a password there as well.


In the upper right part of main DataCollector Application Winds there is a connection section — enter credentials (SOAP login and SOAP password), next click on Instrument Inspector Status button — server will return expiration date and Print Inspector button — server will return expiration date and upload quota usage.  You need a valid subscription to upload data. Note that when SOAP connection is active and OK, the actual list of tracks will be available for all supported Inspectors. 

2. Define the first task

  1. Specify task name. 
  2. Select ChromaChecker Inspector that is intended for measurement file (today you may select either Instrument Inspector or Print Inspector)
  3. Select Input Folder – location on your hard drive or local network where measurement files are being recorded by your instrument-driving software.
  4. Define either File Name (if one name is used for all measurements — measurement software overwrite it permanently) or
  5. Extension for all files of that kind to be transmitted (e.g. .txt)
  6. Select Output Folder – location on your hard drive or local network where measurement files will be stored for archive purpose. You may skip entering Output Folder — no local copy will be created. 
  7. You may want to add prefix to grabbed files —> define it in "Prefix" column  (this option helps you to manage archive files - you may use task name as prefix)
  8. You may want to use timestamp as a new filename —> check "Date" checkbox (if your software uses the same name for all measurements - timestamp will help you to unique rename files 
  9. You may want to move files instead of copying them —> use "Del" checkbox (we recommend to move - select Del option)
  10. Select destination  Track or Instrument/Target pair. Instead of specifying particular destination you may want to apply auto-recognition feature – then be sure that auto-recognition is set properly. 
  11. Activate task if it has to run.
  12. Save your task!


3. Define additional tasks if required

Each new task will create a new row in the table. Don't forget to save each task before creating a new one. You may want to keep some task inactive (unchecked "Active" checkbox) for periodical use in the future.


4. Backup your tasks setting

If you want to backup task settings click on "Save Configuration" button. Be sure that all task are saved before. The file name settings.txt will be stored in the program folder. To restore settings from this file click on "Load Settings" button. The file is human readable and editable - but very basic knowledge is required to do that. 

If you want to upgrade software and restore setting you have to backup first!. Backup doesn't store SOAP credentials. After upgrading you have to re-enter login and password. 



You may want to lock interface (GUI) to protect from accidental changes.
Click on the Lock icon to change the status.




You may want to check application log - all transmissions should be listed there — if problems occurs an error code list may be useful to understand and resolve an issue. The log file is stored in DataCollector Application Folder. 
The user may want to export Log – Selec folder where Log will be exported. 
Auto Refresh feature can be useful for tracking system activity.

Sample log.

Task Settings:



New file names are created from prefix  "A12" and timestamp
All files are successfully stored Locally and uploaded to destination Track via SOAP connection




  • Task to run have to be activated - "Active" checkbox
  • Remember to save the task, and save settings of all tasks separately.
  • Be sure that your subscriptions are valid,  (check both expiration date and upload quota)




  1. Check SOAP credentials
  2. Check Inspectors Status (dedicated buttons in upper right part of the main application window)
  3. Be sure that your Internet Connection is working properly — check latency and effective speed)
  4. Check if both Input Folder and Output Folder exist — when working in the network environment connection with host may be lost
  5. Check potential error codes - if reported in Application Log.
  6. Report an Issue – please remember to attach a settings.txt file, save Log to a separate file.
    If application crashes describe issue - a sequence of the steps that cause the crash of the application. 
  7. In some cases — when the program is unstable or works in an unexpected way - uninstall it, and install again!



System requirements:

Win XP or above. Some Home Windows  Editions may not work properly. 
Mac version will be available in the future.


Legal Notice

Today DataCollector is a free utility only for active ChromaChecker users. It is not allowed to use this software without active Chromachecker account. DataCollector is copyrighted. 






previous versions:

Please upgrade to a new one.