Software that captures measurement data

Konica Minolta FD-S2W

Creating scanning template - Chart File

  1. Connect our FD-9, launch Konica Minolta FD-S2W application 

  2. Go To Setting / Environment

    select language, units ...

    And in Measurement Option Tab

    Requested measurements Conditions (e.g. M0 and M1) + Spectral data (mandatory).
    Specify Export Path and file format:  select txt File  (*.txt)!

  3. From top menu select "Open Chart File"

  4. Select file with patch list downloaded from ChromaChecker site:

    select cgats File (*.txt) to filter proper kind of input file.
    In this example, H-100_Standard_v.1_02.txt will be imported into the application.

    To learn how to get patch list form ChromaChecker Website for any Control Strip defined in Publick Library or any custom one click here.

  5. The application will display patch grid:

  6. Now right click on the list to edit Chart Definition - the intention of this step is set dimension for patch grid

    The user has to define:

    Page Size ( physical dimension of printed sheet) in selected units (mm in this example)
    Position of Left Top corner of the Control Strip (mm)
    Patch Size (mm)

    Additionally, the user may want to rotate control strip or reorder patch list to match printout.

    Remember that according to FD-9 specification bottom (33mm) and side (5 mm) margins are mandatory.

  7. Save Chart Definition

  8. Select checkbox to show the application that selected Chart is going to be measured

  9. Insert printout into FD-9 - if everything is OK the process should start  automatically

  10. Go to Export Path (previously defined in Measurement Option Tab) and upload measurement files to ChromaChecker website. 



Additional Tips

You may duplicate existing Chart File, edit it if necessary. For various sizes, chart locations a numerous of Chart Files will be required. 

User may want to increase accuracy by setting more readings per patch
But be sure to use all the time the same settings! 

If you are for example building H-100 harmonization target  Measurement area MUST be the same for H-100 and future production measurements. Never use different settings!