Software that captures measurement data

How to measure with i1Profiler

i1Profiler in a free demo mode can be used to drive:

  • i1 Pro 1 & 2 
  • i1 iO 1 & 2 
  • i1 iSis 1 & 2 


The easiest way is to use Measure Reference Chart file (.rmxf) and drag and drop it to Define Chart Icon in Measure Reference Chart section.

To use i1Profiler to collect data for ChromaChecker:

  1. Launch I1 Profiler
  2. Switch to Advanced User Mode
  3. Go to Printer section — select CMYK Printer 
  4. From Workflow click on Measure Reference Chart

  5. Drag and drop downloaded Measure Reference Chart file (.rmxf) located in Measure Reference Chart Workflow on the bottom.

    Now you will see Target, Control Strip or Test Chart patch layout that will inform you what to measure:

  6. Follow instruction to calibrate device, next measure Target, Control Strip or Test Chart 

  7. Save file to CxF, CGATS (with spectral data) 

  8. Upload data manually 


Automated data upload - a tricky way to use DataCollector.

It is possible to make sort of automatization for i1Profiler. ChromaChecker Data Collector may be used to define several tasks - each task may have defined separate input folder - correlated with Track or Instrument/Target. Whenever a file is saved in such Hot Folder will be auto-uploaded to the correct tool in the ChromaChecker account. That will make the process faster and easier. The operator still has to save file manually in proper file format but he doesn't need to change the file name as DataCollector may use time stamp to rename the file. 

DataCollector may look for a very specific file name in the default measurement folder — Measure Reference Chart file can be used for recognizing different jobs. Few DataCollector tasks may look for specific file names in one folder at the same time!


For iSis 1 or 2  and some test charts, you may use additional level of automatization - bar codes that instrument can read —  Inserted sheet will be recognized by instrument and this information will be  attached in measurement file metadata - in next step ChromaChecker can use this for auto-track recognition feature and send it to proper Track. Read more here.


ChromaChecker Measure Reference Chart files:

Instrument Inspector

i1pro1_2 _X-42_B-42_Target.rmxf

ColorChecker for CC Instrument Inspector.rmxf