ChromaChecker™ Cloud

ChromaChecker Update

New ChromaChecker look!

ChromaChecker offers now a quite new approach. We have changed almost everything.

For our customers, we have prepared a lot of functions that made the system easier to use, faster and more efficient.

We are proud to introduce our new G7® Curve Inspector - a tool which can create G7® calibrations in tree easy steps. You don't need to run dedicated print run, you don,t need to print P2P25  - our P!-64 control strip is that you only need to print - more! - we can use ink-zone control strip for this purpose as well! 


Our new product ChromaCHecker RHT DataLogger (pre-orders available) is a wireless solution to control environmental parameters 24/7 at very low cost. 


Performance Inspector — a new tool — creates reports that have a unique value for system performance improvements.


Our iPad Application brings new features for mobile devices.


For easier system setting we developed the system of Assistants -  a whole process is clear, faster and user-friendly now.