Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials TOC

General Topics

  • Learn about what Color Conformance means in terms of eliminating waste and increasing profitability,
  • Providing a Shared Visual appearance between all of your devices, no matter the print technology and substrate.
  • Positioning and an Overview conformance vs Process Control


Overall Positioning of ChromaChecker:

  • ChromaChecker Intro
  • ChromaChecker Part 1
  • ChromaChecker Part 2
  • ChromaChecker Part 3
  • ChromaChecker Part 4
  • ChromaChecker Part 5 
  • Configuring events to see cause and effect relationships
  • Using ChromaChecker Tutorials

Session 1

Setting up Print Inspector and uploading data and simple interpretation.

  • Create Account
  • Create Output devices
  • Import data- Single files discuss how automated the uploading can be (discuss all file formats and any color bar)
  • Evaluate the data- What does G7 gray Mean, what does EF mean Process control assessment criteria (ISO12647-2 or -7 and G7 Color Space
  • Compare the printers to one another- quantify how different the devices are compared to each other- really important.


Session 2

Exploring the data in more depth, what does it mean?

Part 2a. Exploring data from a Digital press

  • Show the Digital press details- recommendations for changing solids, TVI G7 Columns for accuracy
  • Precision vs Accuracy- Discussion
  • Import the VI816 data to show within page variation

Aart 2b. Exploring data from an Offset press

  • Go to Press data, show the column for within page uniformity and accuracy
  • Show Ink keys
  • Explain perifarbe reference other training
  • Reference Operator Interface


Session 3 (TBD)

Part 1. Configuring ChromaChecker Uploader

  • Automating the input of data
  • Step by step configuration of software.

Part 2.ChromaChecker Capture Configuration

  • Setting up Capture on the Cloud
  • Setting up Capture App preferences
  • Using Capture in Production


Session 4

Introduce Substrate Inspector - Fix difference between press and proof 

  • Go into Substrate inspector
  • Measure Press Paper baseline,
  • Apply to Track, Import data- show how substrate is tracked independent of press measurements
  • Go into Substrate inspector and find a closer proofing paper to press paper for the closer match!
  • Find closest match and re profile proofer to match press
  • Recalculate difference to press

Session 5

Introduce Instrument Inspector

Part 1. Measure II Target multiple times using the same software that you use every day

  • save at least 20 measurements
  • Configure Instrument
  • Import data,

Part 2. Show History of the device

  • Compare Instruments to help people understand precision and accuracy and
  • affect on workflow
  • Compare Compensate

Part 3. Apply instrument to track

  • turn on harmonization


Session 6

Introduce Lighting Inspector

  • Measure Light with i1 and I1 Profiler
  • Make new light source using wizard
  • Import data
  • Interpret data
  • Make ISO Audit
  • Apply light source to track
  • Compare Light booths


Session 7

Introduce Operator Interface

  • Explain the purpose
  • Configure Accountability Inspector
  • Add Operator- assign to press
  • Enter Operator Interface


Session 8

Recording Events

  • Printer maintenance with ChromaChecker Events Manager
  • Define Events for different devices
  • Show how to record Event within Admin interface
  • Show how to record event within Operator interface
  • Search on events- realize if the event helped or hurt your process


Session 9

Configuring Data Logger

  • Uploading temp and humidity to CC cloud
  • Need to know before you begin - local Wifi and PW
  • Follow wizard


Session 10

G7 Curve Inspector

  • Upload existing Plate curve
  • Upload measurement data
  • Show how CC parses the data
  • Create the Curve
  • Download the curve


Session 11

Device Manager (TBD) 

Part 1. Color Inspector: How to

  • Purpose- Import Libraries, Palettes
  • Upload Color library via cxf files
  • reviewing the details of Color Inspector

Part 2. Creative use of Color Libraries to determine tolerances and in/out gamut files

  • Color Variator
  • Lighting Influence of Color libraries
  • Exporting libraries to Adobe

Part 3. Using Color Inspector in production for prediction of output results

Setting Rules in Print Inspector to reference library value or file value



Utilities: Helpful Apps

  • Delta E Calculator
  • E-Factor DO OVER
  • Image Exercise
  • Spot Color exercise
  • SCCA Calculator
  • Fanbook Tutorial for digital color matching


Offset Press Sessions

  • Print Inspector Overview
  • Press measurement data in more detail
  • Operator Interface Configuration
  • Recording Events
  • Fountain Solution
  •  Nip Inspector- Need dashboard to show green red, yellow
  • Plate Inspector - need script

Press Operator Videos

  • Report Interface Overview
  • Press Operator- Best Match Density
  • Press Operator age Uniformity


Digital Press Sessions

  • Print Inspector Overview
  • More in-depth detail of digital press data
  • Print Condition Qualifier


Brand Companies

  • XX E-Factor Overview
  • Image Color Exercise
  • Spot Color Exercise
  • SCCA Calculator
  • Color Inspector
  • Instrument Inspector
  • Light Booth overview

Demo Data: (TBD)

  • Multiple VI816
  • CC64
  • TC1617
  • Instrument Inspector CGATs
  • LxF -lighting
  • Substrate measurements