Intro - How to perform the last step of the registration on
How to set up your account to use ChromaChecker effectively. If you need to learn how easy it is but have no measurement data - go to Downloads to get sample data.



 Getting started 
 This tutorial shows how easy is to setup your output devices and start to upload data



Measurement Press — Details
Learn how to interpret data already uploaded data to the ChromaChecker Cloud.



Configuring an Operator Interface
Give to the operators a limited access to the devices, that they are accountable for.



Assessing Different Print Conditions
Learn more about one of a unique ChromaChecker features that analyze and compare different print condition in order to simplify various substrates / ICC profiles.



G7  Curve Iteration — three easy steps 
This manual will guide you through simple procedure that allows you to make G7 calibration from production (no dedicated print run is expected, no P2P required)


Fountain Solution Inspector — manual input of measurements
This tutorial explains how to track your fountain solution parameters.



Instrument Inspector — Getting started 



Substrate Inspector How to

Learn how easy is to track substrate - what you need is to define all your production substrates in your Substrate Library and select proper one in track preferences.



Substrate Inspector — Best Match in action

How to find proofing paper to better simulate your production stock and finally make proof looking closer to your production? With our unique feature, it is very easy.



Lighting Inspector Overview
With your i1Pro or FD-7 you may evaluate Lighting, compare remotely various location or evaluate your Color Palette in specific Lighting condition, fast and easy.



Examine Light Boot — Lighting Inspector typical task
Learn how important is to manage Lightings according to ISO-3664 and how you can perform a partial audit with your i1Pro.