Software that capture measurement data

Alwan Software (APV, APS)

Alwan Print Verifier X

Manual and Auto upload modes.

  1. Download ChromaChecker APV Job Templates Set — unzip the archive file.
  2. Launch APV application.
  3. Import required templates into the application – remember the application has to be in Admin mode - to enter this mode click on "Lock" icon. In Admin mode top application menu will have more options: 

  4. Go to Job Template section and by clicking import icon (on the screenshot below marked with green) add all ChromaChecker Job templates that reflect your Instrument/ Target combination. You may import more templates.

  5. You may wany to edit some additional information like Print Company Name, Site, Operator name. 

  6. If you want to automatically upload data to ChromacChecker site you have to specify Print Device Name and Substrate (Print Device section of Job template). To edit press Ikon with a pencil. 

     and  enter corresponding values in Instrument/Target Preferences:

  7. To make FTP connection activate FTP account on the website:

    and enter exactly same values in APV Export Preferences:

  8. Measure Target by clicking on Measurement Icon, be sure that you connected Instrument and calibrated it before.

    You may upload measurements manually or in an automatic way - depending on your preferences. An automatic - FTP based method may take up to 3 minutes to see the report on the website.|

    If the fast upload is required ChromaChecker DataCollector software can be used instead of FTP connection. Simple select proper Input Folder. We advise using auto-recognition selection for Tracks. 

    Clicking on the measurement on the list with right mouse button you can easy find measurement file location on the hard drive. Measurement file may be uploaded using drag and drop on upload icon in ChromaChecker website. More than one file may be uploaded in one step.


General scanning rules for spectral measurements

  • Proper measurements require temperature of 23 +/- 1°C (73 +/- 2°F), 40-60 % RH
  • Take some additional measurement before for internal warmup
  • For multiple measurements, always start by performing a new calibration.
  • Check if the instrument is scratching target - if so clean the bottom of the instrument and if necessary use paper bar to lift ruler slightly up - be careful not to lift it too much.
  • Clean calibration plate (ceramic tile) before calibration. Be sure that instrument is not very cold or hot (store it in its recommended temperature). Check if an optical patch is free of artifacts and dust.



To download ChromaChecker APV Job Templates Set click here.