Supported Instruments

X-Rite Intellitrax 1 & 2


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To use ChromaChecker™ Instrument Inspector  with the Xrite® IntelliTrax®, you must go through some simple setup procedures before you can measure the ChromaChecker™ I-42 Target:


Here is the step by step instructions:

Setup the IntelliTrax® 

to be able to measure the ChromaChecker™ Target:


1. Launch X-Rite® IntelliTrax® software, and click on Editor.

2. Click on Color Bar


3. Click on Import 


4. Navigate to the location where the ChromaChecker.cbl resides, select it and click on Open. 
     This will import the ChromaChecker file used when measuring.


5. Next, click on Project Template.



6.Duplicate one of your more common Project Templates that you use in production and name it
   ChromaChecker and hit Enter.



7. When the new ChromaChecker Project Template opens, select the ChromaChecker color bar
    from the library and then Save



8.  Next, close out of Editor which will take you back to the main window of IntelliTrax®. 
     Next, click on 
Local Machine Configuration Tool.




9. Then, click on the Post Scan tab and check on Create Scan Value File (SVF). If this check box is already
    selected, another application may be set up to automatically grab this file when created.
    Please choose a temporary directory for the ChromaChecker file following the steps below,
    and then after the target is captured, go back into this menu and reconfigure back to the original directory.


10. Next, click on the browse button and create a folder in the IntelliTrax® folder similar to the directory
      location and name listed in the example screen shot. (you can always create a shortcut on your desktop
      to this folder for quick and easy access)


11. Finally, click on close to exit Local Machine Configuration and this will return you to the main window.


12. To scan the ChromaChecker card, you need to set up the ChromaChecker as a normal production press
       run in Press Tool of the IntelliTrax software. Click on Press Tool.



13. Select the new Project Template you created called: ChromaChecker.



14. Create a Project Name called ChromaChecker and hit Enter. 



This ends the setup procedure


Now you can make your routine measurements for your instrument validation




Routine measurements procedure (manual upload): 


1. Create a Job Name like today’s date and hit Enter.



2. Place the ChromaChecker™ ITX-42 Target on the IntelliTrax® scanner near the scan head and initiate a measurement by pressing the orange button on the scanner or the Measure button on the display.


3. The measurement will display like the screenshot.



4. Next, navigate to the svf folder you created in the IntelliTrax® directory.
    (use the shortcut you created on the desktop for quick and easy access). If the SVF selection was already
    turned on, go back into your Machine configuration and choose the original directory for SVF files in
    order for your production measurement files to be stored in the expected directory.



5. Upload these files for uploading to the ChromaChecker website at






Automate sending measurements to the ChromaChecker Cloud.

If you have already checked the manual method, you can proceed to automate the process. ChromaChecker Data Collector is a program that will enable this task.

Download the latest version from the Downloads section, install and configure a SOAP connection.
The setting is very simple and requires you to specify the Input folder, where the files are downloaded and Output Folder - where files are archived and track settings - in most cases it is recommended to select the auto-recognition method - because this allows one setting to send files to different tracks. 

Consult CC Uploader Manual for more detail.


Enable auto-recognition.

 Go to Instrument Inspector and hit on Instrument/ Target preference Icon:
Now Edit the Press / Paper settings (set identical in Intellitrax Software). Please note that pair Press/ Paper must be unique  for whole workflow (including Print Inspector)


If you named paper ChromaChecker ( as described above - you need to rename it according to new requirements - also I have to enter real Press Name.