Instrument Inspector

Smart Baselines

For all instruments, single measurements are inherently error-prone. This error is due to the design of the instrument itself, but it also comes from how the operator performs the measurement, the climatic conditions and the calibration process. Some measuring devices assume mechanical movement by the operator - and this is a supreme factor that affects the accuracy of the measurements. The speed and precision of the instrument can have a direct impact on the quality of the measurement data. Therefore, the Instrument Inspector is based not on individual measurements, but on baseline averaging measures. The mechanism consists of grouping a series of measurements, analyzing homogeneity, rejecting the most deviant results, and writing a smart baseline.


Instrument Inspector will refer all measurements to the baseline. There can be many baselines in the system (created at the beginning, but also those that are made later). Specify the baseline to be marked as current.

Baselines are also used for instrument comparisons as well as Harmonizer's measuring correction mechanism.


Baseline creation

Auto Smart Baseline (manual upload only)

To create the baseline the easiest way is to make a series of measurements and manually upload multiple files at once. If you want the Baseline to contain multiple measurement methods (M0, M1..M3) then you should load all types of files simultaneously.

Smart Baseline (data already uploaded)  

You can select from the list of files loaded for a given Instrument / Target pair and use the "Smart Baseline" button to group the measurements for their averaging.  This manual selection should always be done when the data is loaded automatically - the system can not determine the final list of measurements to create the baseline.

Set current Baseline

In the Baseline tab, the user indicates the current baseline for each Instrument. If you have experienced manual loading of multiple measurements and automated Smart Baseline creation for the first time - the system will automatically mark it as current

Baseline Comparison

Comparing Instruments (in fact Baselines) is one of the key features of the Instrument Inspector. To understand the essence of the problem of differences in the measurement of various Instruments used in the production chain, you should use this option. It is possible to compare up to 7 instruments at a time. The result in the form of an abbreviated report (easy mode) gives the table - clicking on the target table invokes an expert report.