Color Inspector

Virtual Spot Print

This tool calculates the spectral conversion of all the colors in the library into device RGB, and CMYK+n colors based on the defined ICC profiles.



The user starts by selecting the check box next to the desired Library, then click on Virtual Spot Print button on the bottom. 

The dialog box will be displayed to specify key calculation parameters:

  • ICC profile CMYK and N-color ICC Profiles can be selected here. The list comes from ICC Profile Inspector - if a custom ICC Profile is required —> go to Profile Inspector to upload it first.
  • Measurement condition (we strongly recommend applying measurement condition that has been used for profile creation (when uploading profiles make sure to specify which measurement condition)
  • ∆E Formula (multiple formulas are available here — but we recommend to use ∆E 2000)
  • Threshold value = expected accuracy of color reproduction, this is dependent on your E-Factor (please take the E-Factor exercise to determine this threshold value).




Simple statistical analysis which contains:

  • Total number of samples
  • Number samples in a tolerance / under threshold (percentage)
  • Peak value (Max.)
  • Average 
  • Standard deviation
  • E-Factor - 95% percentile ∆E2000 





The user may select multiple file formats to export the "device color build" file. These files may be applied in the many RIPs and Color Servers to correct the way how spot color is converted into a specific process build relevant for the specific device/substrate combination. 

Supported file formats for VSP export:

  Sample Name CMYK Lab Deviation Statistics
CGATS CMYK + +      
CGATS Lab +   +    
CGATS Lab + CMYK + + +    
CGATS Lab + CMYK + deviation + + + + +
Xeikon +   +    
TXT Lab +   +    



Practical solution 

Proofer Spot virtual verification

A valuable application of this tool provides the ability to assess any output devices ability to match the given spot color required. The user may upload the ICC Profile to Profile Inspector that is describing how the proofer prints (without any profile simulation) - on a specific proofing substrate. 

In the next step, a Library ( like e.g. Pantone + Coated) or custom Palette with critical brand colors maybe examined to calculate how accurate proofer can render color from this Library or Palette. Additionally, process color build definition can be uploaded to the RIP to achieve the best results.