Profitability, Throughput and Color Quality

Managing color quality and a throughput is a balancing act that determines Profitability.

High throughput and low color quality result in:

  • Greater waste
  • Missed deadlines
  • Customer frustration
  • Erosion of customer confidence
  • Potential loss of the customer
  • Reduced margin

Low throughput with color quality beyond customer expectations means you: 

  • Lose money on the job
  • Reduction of total print capacity
  • Lost customer opportunity
  • Lost Revenue

The key to consistent Profitability is balancing Throughput and Quality


Existing color quality matching systems are incapable of consistently meeting this balance on a day-in, day-out basis because they rely on the same subjective, visual criteria the printing industry has used for the last 100 years… the operator’s eyesight.


ChromaChecker is the first color platform providing the quality infrastructure to define customer color quality expectations and the data to objectively balance Throughput and Quality.





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