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CC Spectro 1 PRO With Bridge Kit



This is an extended version of Spectro 1 by Variable,  equipped with Bridge - hardware that enables connection to PC or Mac computers. This component is necessary to use CC Capture and get access to all unique CC features. It also comes with the activation required for CC Capture to get connected. 


ChromaChecker Supported Inspectors:

  • Print
  • Instrument
  • Color 
  • Substrate 



parameter Spectro 1 PRO
Repeatability (Short Term) 0.05 ∆E00
Inter-Instrument Agreement (32 Ceramic Tiles) 0.3 ∆E00 Average / 0.5 ∆E00 Max
Optical Geometry (Specular Excluded) Diffused / 0
Aperture 8mm Diameter
Spectral Range 400 - 700 nm
Spectral Interval 10 nm
Light Source Full Spectrum LEDs
Battery Capacity 200 mAh (-250 Scans) Per Recharge
Measurement Time 1.5 Seconds



True spherical spectrophotometer (PRO version only)

Aligns to paint standards from laboratory D/8° instruments

The Spectro 1 Pro identifies the true color regardless of the surface appearance of gloss.

Spectro 1 vs. Spectro 1 Pro • Standard and Bridge versions

Spectro 1 vs. Spectro1 Pro


    Spectro 1

  Spectro 1 PRO

Geometry     D/0°     D/0° 
Gloss Observation     SPEX/SCE    SPIN/SCI
Inter-instrument agreement     0.3 ∆E     0.3 ∆E
Measurement Conditions     M2     M2
Sheen affects measurement     YES     NO
Most Closely Mimics     Appearance (Visual) Color
    Pure (Actual) Color 
Areas of the application 
  • Manufacturing
  • Print
  • Packaging
  • Graphic Arts
  • Plastics
  • Quality Control
  • Visual Inspections
  • Paint and Coatings
  • Compare paint colors (non-metallic)*
  • Textiles
  • Mirror or Near Mirror Surfaces
  • Tinting Machines
  • Plastic

* metallic paints are usually to be measured at multiple angles, but conditionally it is possible to use such measurements (subject to the non-interchangeability of data)


Learn more: Paint & Coatings Industry Technical Article


Unique Spectro 1 Geometry

Please note that Variable Spectro instruments use non-common geometry D/0°. 

D - means Diffusion and describes how the specimen is illuminated during measurement.  Most of the spectrophotometers in the print industry are 45/0 what means that light comes from a 45° angle, and measurement is taken from a 0° angle.
In a Diffusion scenario, a special chamber mixes light rays reflected at different angles. 

Most of the color manufacture industry uses spherical Instruments where the chamber has a shape of a sphere, but the difference is measurement angle which for spherical instruments is typically 8° - so instruments are marked as D/8°. 

Data collected with different geometry/gloss observation/M-conditions are non-comparable. Don't expect SPIN and SPEX to be identical on the same principle why M1 and M2 are not equal. The difference is smaller for uniform, flat, and matt-finished objects, but hi-glossy, textured surfaces may bring huge differences.

Spectro 1 and Spectro 1 PRO has different shape of the chamber which is a sphere for the PRO version.



Spectrophotometers with mixing chamber can provide reflectance measurements in two ways: specular included (SPIN) and specular excluded (SPEX). In the case of Spectro 1, it is a different technical solution that is not user-switchable. Before ordering a proper version has to be selected. 

Read more about SPIN vs. SPEX



Standard/Bridge version

Please note that Spectro 1/ Spectro 1 PRO has a basic version that can be used with Spectro Application only and Bridge version that comes with dedicated USB hardware that enables connection with PC or Mac computers






CC Capture (Mac, Win 10)



Spectro by Variable
Spectro by Variable



The Bridge has a Bluetooth range of 25 feet (7.5 meters), meaning there is built-in flexibility when it comes to scanning colors within your PC software. This device comes with a unique license file required, therefore it has to be ordered with the instrument. Without a license file, it is impossible to establish communication. 



Spectro by Variable mobile application

Spectro by Variable offers built-in data export to ChromaChecker Cloud. Please note that this support is limited to Color Inspector Tracking option only. The user may collect data for QC tasks using the existing database, but not create new tracks.
The operator needs to enter credentials (Organization Name, Operator Name, and Password) To obtain register Operator in Accountability Inspector and assign privileges. 


Working with Color Inspector


launch app,
select menu

  select ChromaChecker   enter Operator's credentials
(first time only)
  select track,
scan sample

the system confirms data,
scan next sample or quit





CC Capture 

With CC Capture, Spectro 1 Bridge by Variable  (Standard or PRO) instruments get incredible functionality. The user can select one of the following tools:


  • Read ControlStrips based on CMYK, RGB, ECG, Lab, Named (Spot) color space  patches including placeholders and special patches
  • Verify printing process 
  • Create ICC profile
  • Create G7 calibration curves
  • a much more (consult Print Inspector capabilities)


  • Track your Instrument stability
  • Compare to another
  • Calculate Instrument harmonization 


  • Create Color Library  including Advanced CxF/X-4 Standard
  • Export Color Library - CXF
  • Track samples with auto-recognition feature
  • Auto averaging with sample consistency analysis


  • Create entry to Substrate Library (including measurement on BW backer)
  • Track Substrate
  • Auto averaging with sample consistency analysis

 and more


Sample Application

Print Inspector Print Inspector Print Inspector  
Minimal G7-3R CC-84-7R CC-RGBCC-CMYK  
Print verification (TVI and G7) G7 Curve generation ICC Profile Generation  
Instrument Inspector Substrate Inspector Color Inspector  
T-42 Target Substrate BW Backer CXF/X-4 template  
Instrument Tracking  Substrate Library/Tracking Advanced Color library  



Unique geometry makes all those features extremely unique, as a lot of objects and substrates are hard to measure properly with traditional 0/45  or 45/0 geometry.  Spectro 1 by Variable (Standard/PRO) with CC Capture offers features that were not available before. 

When ordered from the site instruments comes with "Entry120" Color Inspector 90-days Subscription Plan included (free of charge).  






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