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CQC 2023 - Additional Sunday Session

$150.00 / Person


Basics of Color Management

Sunday Sessions: 1-5 pm*

Tolerancing Session -- Understand the difference between “Just Noticable color differences” and "Just acceptable color differences." Learn about Delta E, Snowflake (multi axis tolerancing), E-Factor, see and touch samples.

Overview of Color Control – 5 C’s of controlling color. CMP Fundamental course in 1 hour.  In order to understand how to control printing devices color, it is critical to have a foundation of knowledge related to the terms and practices relevant to color printer management. This session covers “how close is close enough” related to defining tolerances of salability through to the execution of the 5 C’s of color control: 

  1. Capture devices – need to use color measurement devices to quantify color and eliminate subjectivity
  2. Calibration – required to make each printer/monitor/instrument consistent to itself
  3. Characterization – required to create ICC Profiles for each print condition to define the capability of the printer
  4. Conversion – required to convert each printers color to match a given standard
  5. Conformance – required to ensure all printers, monitors, instruments, light booths are performing as expected to create salable color


>>> See the full program of the Color Quality Conference - 2023 

* NOTE: The organizer reserves the right to modify the program.