Personal E-Factor

Personal E-Factor (Color Expectation Exercise) is a tool designed to quantify the level of color match desired by the user. To improve communication in the Graphic Industry we are offering an Exercise that translates an individual perception of "desired" color difference to a specific number – calculated with the Delta E (∆E) 2000 formula. 

Before You start make sure that your monitor and web browser are capable of displaying expected values. During this exercise, a series of picture comparisons are going to be displayed. You will experience at least three comparisons that represent the same color difference expressed as same ∆E 2000 value. Then you will be given a choice with two buttons: 

yes  Acceptable           yes  Not Acceptable  

but if you are not sure you can still ask for more similar comparisons by clicking on:  "Next sample"

Do not judge if you SEE a difference – you want to judge where you would ACCEPT the difference!

You should see a difference between every target. Progress indicator on the bottom will inform how many examples will be displayed until Personal E-Factor is calculated. 

You may want to repeat this exercise with different backgrounds as well. Try it with the various types of the pictures (for details consult:  Picture Contrast Technology by System Brunner). Set of seven pictures helps to evaluate the relationship between picture's content and color difference perception. Use Classic picture for final E-Factor. Also, try do this Exercise in the morning, then in the evening (when tired) and compare the results! 

This on-line exercise has to be repeated with the hard copy exercise – as printed samples are perceived differently than displayed samples. Also, accuracy of on-line version is reduced due to many technical reasons regarding the display. Some additional ChromaChecker tools may help you learn more on this topic as well:  please review the Spot Color Exercise and Image Color Exercise (both available on-line for registered users only.

Classic: Other examples:
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