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Color Quality and Color Communication are exciting topics that I welcome you to participate in – January 29th through the 31st, 2023, and plan to join our team for the first year of the Color Quality Conference 2023 in New Port Richey, Florida!

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See the full Program of the Color Quality Conference, 2023




Color Quality Conference

 $495 / Early Bird Price / Person
Price after Dec 1= $595

Additional Sunday Session
CQC 2023

Basics of Color Management
$150.00 / Person


Get color control in your organization

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Set Production Standards:
Define your levels of color acceptability

Matching Key brand colors:
Spot Color tolerances

Get control of your print

Matching key brand colors: define the desired reference colors on print, define tolerances and track reproduction of all printing devices


Get control of your objects

ChromaChecker Nano can measure color and appearance (texture/metal/weave) which affects expectations

Get Control of your
Computer Displays

Display Inspector Cloud,
CC Display Client software




Want all the above?

Purchase ChromaChecker Starter Kit – provides all the above functionality for your organization.




  ChromaChecker Software

ChromaChecker Hardware