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Color Quality Conference

Color Quality Conference, 2023


CQC 2023 - Additional Sunday Session


ChromaChecker Plans – Subscription or License

We provide our users with multiple options to purchase ChromaChecker functionality.  Users can purchase functionality on a monthly, yearly basis or if you don't want subscription license, then purchase a 3 year license (common amortization age for computer software).  Please review the differences between the Print or Color Inspector please consult the user manual to understand the difference

ChromaChecker Capture




ChromaChecker Starter Kit


Display Inspector Subscriptions

CC Display Basic


CC Display Pro


CC Products

We present a few selected products ideally suited to ChromaChecker.

Starter Kit


CC-2D Barcode Reader


CC Wired Data Logger (RHT-USB Sensor)


T-42 Instrument Inspector Target


Substrate Backer


Substrate Backer XL 11" x 17"


E-Factor Exercise/Sampler


15339 ∆E2000 Color Tolerance Exercise


Pocket Instruments

The list of instruments supported by the Chromachecker software has been enriched with a group of small measuring instruments in an interesting way supplementing the existing measurement methods with a relatively low budget.
If you are not sure which instrument is best for your task consult the comparison table here.

NIX Spectro 2


CC Nano


CC Spectro 1 With Bridge Kit


CC Spectro 1 PRO With Bridge Kit


X-Rite Instruments

Please note that offering X-Rite Instruments is limited to the US market only. 

i1Basic Pro 3


i1Basic Pro 3 Plus


i1iSis 2


i1iSis 2 XL


i1iO for i1Pro 3 & i1Pro 3 Plus


X-Rite eXact

ask about price

eXact Auto-Scan

ask about price


ask about price

Konica-Minolta Instruments



Spherical Instruments

DS-700D Portable Spectrophotometer


NIP Tools

Nip Width Indicator Standard Set


Nip Width Indicator Traceable Set


High Pressure Indicator Set


Low Pressure Indicator Set