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On-boarding Support

$750.00 / 4 hours

SKU: CC_On_Boarding

We provide:
  • Create print tracks
  • Establish and configure targets and tolerances
  • Baseline measurement devices
  • Audit any viewing booths
  • Teach customer how to create and revise G7 curves the CC way
  • Configure any/all inspectors needed/licensed
  • Utilize spot color functionality - in both Color Inspector and Capture
  • Training in Capture software
  • Training and help to configure Uploader software
  • Enter staff members and configure automatic notifications
What’s not included - support for 3rd party software:
Fixing calibration and/or color management problems of devices that fail conformance.
We offer additional consulting services (which can be purchased in 1-hour blocks and delivered remotely). We are IDEAlliance G7 Experts and officially certified experts in EFI Fiery and Fiery XF, Caldera RIP, and ONYX RIP, with expertise in other popular RIPs and Color Servers as well.

Comparison of ChromaChecker Plans, 2023



 Best Value


Operator / Client


Printer and Project

ChromaChecker + Starter Kit

Enterprise Printers 
and Project Tracking

Duration of the License One year One year One year
Track Printing Devices 1 5
Tracking Instruments 1 5
Job Assessment License 1 5
Instrument Support CC Capture App.* Measurements Upload** Measurements Upload**
ChromaChecker Capture App.
Grid – Spot Color Matching
Variator – Spot Color Tolerance (∆E) 
Snowflake – Spot Color Tolerance (Lab)
Lighting Inspector
Compare Measurements
Measure Variations
Track Variations
G7 & ICC Creation
G7 calibration
TVI calibration
NIP Inspector
Environmental Inspector
Platesetter Inspector
Fountain Inspector
T-42 target
CC-2D Barcode Reader
E-Factor Exercise/Sampler
BW Substrate Backer



$549.00 / One Year 



$1,190.00 / One Year



$4999.00 / 1st Year


* ChromaChecker Capture support, among others: X-Rite (i1 Pro, i1iO, iSis, eXact), Myiro-1, DS-700D, Techkon SpectroDens, NIX Spectro 2, Variable Bridge, X-Rite IC Plate, Techkon SpectoPlate, and some Remote Instruments. See more and details.

** Measurements Upload by ChromaChecker Capture, ChromaChecker Uploader, 3rd Party Apps., manual upload. See more.


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