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ChromaChecker Capture

$549.00 / year

$549.00 / 1 year

$1,249.00 / 3 years


A color scratch pad to allow operators to find the closest color to desired reference – Lab, another printed color, CMYK build, color library, color project (ColorCert), and more. Fast and friendly interface. As fast as possible to produce results – just install the software, pick up the instrument and start working today.

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Comparison of ChromaChecker Plans, 2023



 Best Value


Operator / Client


Printer and Project

ChromaChecker + Starter Kit

Enterprise Printers 
and Project Tracking

Duration of the License One year One year One year
Track Printing Devices 1 5
Tracking Instruments 1 5
Job Assessment License 1 5
Instrument Support CC Capture App.* Measurements Upload** Measurements Upload**
ChromaChecker Capture App.
Grid – Spot Color Matching
Variator – Spot Color Tolerance (∆E) 
Snowflake – Spot Color Tolerance (Lab)
Lighting Inspector
Compare Measurements
Measure Variations
Track Variations
G7 & ICC Creation
G7 calibration
TVI calibration
NIP Inspector
Environmental Inspector
Platesetter Inspector
Fountain Inspector
T-42 target
CC-2D Barcode Reader
E-Factor Exercise/Sampler
BW Substrate Backer



$549.00 / One Year 



$1,190.00 / One Year



$4999.00 / 1st Year


* ChromaChecker Capture support, among others: X-Rite (i1 Pro, i1iO, iSis, eXact), Myiro-1, DS-700D, Techkon SpectroDens, NIX Spectro 2, Variable Bridge, X-Rite IC Plate, Techkon SpectoPlate, and some Remote Instruments. See more and details.

** Measurements Upload by ChromaChecker Capture, ChromaChecker Uploader, 3rd Party Apps., manual upload. See more.


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