July 25, 2023

CC Capture


Capture Inspector is used to configure CC Capture desktop application. this provides centralized administration for Scanning Template to be used for measurement tasks. ChromaChecker Capture is a free Desktop Application that enables direct instrument data capturing and automatically uploading to the ChromaChecker system.

Each operator will see only tasks corresponding to the output device(s) they are assigned allowing for limited options to be set by the operator and allow for automation. The application will return results in seconds and the operator will know if tolerances are being met and be guided to make common corrections such as incorrect substrate, and normal device maintenance. 


ChromaChecker Capture generates ICC profiles and Curves to adjust the workflow to meet a defined target. In addition, CC Capture is used to define a Color Library for Spot Color Matching, Create a Substrate Libary, Baseline your instrumentation for verification and ISO compliance and measure plate consistency.


To get started, first use Capture Inspector in the ChromaChecker cloud to configure the client software. Next download and install CC Capture Software to drive the instrument using the configuration defined.

Supported Inspectors and basic features



  • Great benefits to both conventional and digital operators to match processes and spot colors quickly
  • Color Scratchpad to compare any two measurements or compare to library, Lab, Project, CMYK, and ECG
  • Create Color Grids based on customer colors and send them to customers to let them choose the best match
  • Quickly assess uniformity across the printed page, or between printing pages
  • Quickly build color references and define advanced Snowflake Tolerancing capabilities (∆ ± L, a, b)
  • Match Brand / Spot colors quicker than ever: provides CMYK build prediction based on ICC Profile 

Print Inspector

  • Scan and spot measurements of any control strip
    (including mixed spaces: CMYK, RGB, ECG, Lab) patch placeholders and special patches (S/D)
  • Advanced reporting (graphs, timelines, Ink-GPS, ink-zones for remote instrument)
  • Automatic Curve generation (can be integrated to close-loop solution)
  • Advanced bar-code automatization
  • Label Print/PDF Reports
  • Event manager
  • Integrated RHT data (require CC USB-RHT Sensor)


Instrument Inspector

  • Instrument verification and validation
  • Baseline creation


Substrate Inspector

  • Creating Substrate Library
  • Tracking Substrate


Color Inspector


Lighting Inspector


Plate Inspector




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