May 23, 2022

Quick Start — Report Labels

Easy and fast 

Watch a video presentation based on X-Rite iSis - for all instruments Label Printing is exactly the same)


  1. Measure (function currently available in Print Inspector and Color Inspector)
  2. Hit the Printer icon on the Report (the bottom-left corner)


  3. Done! — Stick the Label!


How to?

If you want to print a Label Report set up your printer in Capture. 

Note that Capture support limited label sizes - consult the list below.

When the scan is complete the operator may want to print a label on a selected printer or save it to the pdf file.

Report content

All mandatory parameters listed in assigned to the track Tolerance set will be reported. If any is missing - edit the tolerance set. You may want to make a copy of the existing one and create a custom version that reflects your needs.


Save Label as PDF 

As an option hit the PDF icon instead of Printer Icon to save a report to file. 




Quick report templates — supported LabelWriter labels:

A. 36mm x 89mm (1 4/10 x 3 1/2") landscape

99012 Large Address
30321 Large Address
Margins: T=5,67 B=1,52 L=1,52 R=1,02

Up to 4 lines of description, up to 16 parameters reported or 8 + QR code

B. 28mm x 89mm (1 1/8 x 3 1/2") landscape

30251 White Address
30252 Address
30320 Address
99010 Standard Address
Margins: T=5,84 B=1,52 L=1,52 R=1,02

Up to 4 lines of description, up to 8 parameters reported (no QR code)


C1. 59mm x 102mm (2 5/16 x 4") portrait

Shipping Address
30364  Name Badge Label
30857 Badge Label
Margins: T=5,93 B=1,52 L=1,44 R=1,02


C2. 54mm x 101 mm (2 1/8" x 4")

99014 Shipping
99014 Name Badge Label
30323 Shipping
Margins: T=5,42 B=1,52 L=1,52 R=1,02

Up to 6 line of description, up to 32 parameters reported + QR code 


D. 54mm x 70 mm (2 1/8" x 2 3/4") portrait

99015 Diskette
30325 Diskette
30258 Diskette
Margins: T=5,59 B=1,52 L=1,44 R=1,02

Up to 6 line of description, up to 18 parameters reported + QR code 


E. 59mm x 190mm (2 5/16 x 7 1/2") portrait

99019 Large Lever Arch
Margins: T=5,93 B=1,52 L=1,44 R=1,02

 Up to 6 line of description, up to 74 parameters reported + QR code 

The content of the report is defined in the tolerance set assigned to a specific track. The user may define all key elements:

  • content of description (Printer name, Track name, Aim, Tolerance set, SCCA, Harmonization, Color Library/Palette, Date of creation, Operator,  Job name, and Customer name)
  • optional QR-code ( direct link to the full online report or dedicated info page)
  • results  - key report parameters 

The size of the label is defined by Capture Operator and is related to the size of labels loaded into the printer.

Other non-label sizes (coming soon):

  • J. Letter 8½ "× 11"(216 × 279 mm)
  • K. Legal 8½" × 14" (216 × 356mm)
  • L. Tabloid 11" × 17"(432 x 279 mm)
  • M. A3 (420 x 297 mm)
  • N. A4 (210 x 297 mm) 
  • O. A5 (148 × 210mm)


  • This tutorial covers the use of Chromachecker Capture to operate an x-Rite iSis spectrophotometer.

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