September 3, 2021

3rd party devices

CC Capture enables to connect 3-rd party devices:

  • Barcode Reader
  • RFID Card Readers

Please note that not all readers on the market are supported. Only CC-2D Barcode Reader works as Plug'n'Play = all other need to support

  • Virtual Serial Port (Virtual COM, Virtual RS-232, CDC) USB Connection mode 
  • Serial connection  (requires a dedicated serial cable with external power supply). In this scenario, the serial port is required or a separate USB to RS232 converter can be used (for experienced users only). 


  1. Configure your reader to use Virtual Serial Port (CDC). Ask your vendor for detailed documentation for your specific model
  2. Check your Operating system if a new serial device is detected  ("usbmodem", "usbserial" or similar on Mac). If you are using a Serial/USB converter on a Windows computer a driver might be required.
  3. Configure CC Capture to use a serial connection. For some devices communication parameters (Advanced Settings) might require some modifications. Modifications require technical knowledge and regular users may not be able to configure properly.


Read also:

  1. How to connect INVEO RFID card reader
  2. How to connect Zebra DS2208 or a similar barcode reader.
  3. USB to Serial Converter


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