September 3, 2021

CC Capture Color Inspector

CC Capture Color Inspector offers two basic features:

  • Tracking - fast and easy way to track colors in a spot mode
  • Assets - creating Color Palette

In this section, we will explain the differences. 


Color Inspector can create a multi-instrument definition of color. One sample measured by different instruments may be described differently. It doesn't mean that if two different instruments measure the same sample differently at least one of them is non-accurate. In many situations measurement methodology have a logical reason for this. Various instrument geometry, different sources of radiation, apertures any dozen other factors create such differences. Color Inspector requires a separate reference for every instrument's settings. Once created is a reference for tracking purpose.
CC Capture Color Tracking option is very fast and easy to use. It offers an averaging option - so the Operator can track also sample consistency and avoid accidental results.



When working with spot colors in the Print Inspector system requires references for named/spot samples. Assets feature is designed to create Palettes.  
Palettes are also used to evaluate Lightings, perform Virtual Spot Prints, generate LUTs for spot-to-process conversion, and much more.


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