April 25, 2022

Track Color Sample

Before you Start

You have selected Quick Start with Cc Capture Compatible Instrument. That means that you need a compatible Instrument and the most recent version of CC Capture - Please download it here before. Tracking without an instrument can't be performed.


Connect to Cloud 

  • Connect your Instrument and launch CC Capture
  • Enter your Operator's credentials 

    Don't have a Color Inspector subscription? No problem! Try with our demo credentials. Simple and fast but don't expect that your data will be available during the next session. This is an account for temporary test purposes only with limited access to the data. Content is a subject of frequent resetting so data can stay there for a limited period only!

    Organization:  SampleDemo
    Operator's login Operator
    Operators password user

  • Select the Color Inspector icon on the top menu
  • Select the Tracking tab.

At this stage, you have to decide if you are about to track the existing sample or create a new one. Let's create a new one.

At this point, we need storage in Color Inspector data architecture. The single color sample measured with one kind of instrument in predefined Color Specification required a dedicated Track. The database structure is multi-level. single color sample is related to Element which is part of Product. This structure makes possible QC tasks of different products of any kind.

Product is something that is multicolor - element is isolated color and track is a combination of specific Instrument and Color Specification + tolerance.

Color Specification is the definition of Illuminant  (D50, D65 ar any other including Custom) plus some important measurements settings like M-condition ( M0— M3), aperture, SPIN/SPOUT, ... Read more about Color Inspector Database Architecture here.

Steps to create a new Track

  1. Select an existing Product or create a new one. 
  2. Select any existing Object or Create a new one
  3. Create a new track based on one of the predefined Color specifications

At this moment you may enter Reference using one of the following methods

  • Select color from the existing Color Library or Palette (some differences may come from the fact that existing references might be created by a different type of the Instrument)
  • Enter Lab coordinates (manual method - inaccurate and less mature — without spectral data some advanced calculations/simulations can't be performed)
  • Create Reference based on measurement (strongly recommended)


Select Measurement as the input method. By default CC Capture is averaging data based on 3 measurements - that value can be adjusted according to needs. We advise enlarging this value for that object that seems to be not perfectly consistent. 





creating your own Color Specification can be done by an Expert on the main website interface). 










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