July 25, 2023

Control Strip Library

In the ChromaChecker Capture Inspector, we have included a Public Library with many of the common control strips used over the years. ChromaChecker has recreated common patch combinations for easy setup and configuration. 

Scanning Templates

Before using the Public Library to add or edit a new control strip, first, check the default scanning templates for immediate use:

  1. Go to Capture Inspector
  2. Select the tab "Scanning Template"

Control Strips Custom and Public Library Archive

To create a custom control strip or select a control strip from the Public Library Archive:

  1. Go to Capture Inspector
  2. Go to the "Control Strip" tab
  3. Select "Public Library"
  4. When in the Public Library, you can scroll down to view desired control strip
  5. Use the checkmark to select and "Import" a control strip
  6. Select "Edit" of "Duplicate" to make adjustments to the control strip 


It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the control strip is properly licensed by the vendor who created the control strip. 






  • This tutorial shows you how easy it is to measure color bars using Chromachecker Capture software using an i1 instrument. ChromaChecker supports all color bars, all presses, and all instruments making it the optimal system for color quality control checking, correction, and reporting.

  • ChromaChecker Capture allows for the scanning of control strips using hand-held and scanning instruments. This tutorial instructs on how to measure a Color Control Strip using an X-Rite eXact.

  • This tutorial shows the simple operation of the i1i0 table using Chromachecker Capture software. The control strip consists of 18 spot colors and the G7 patches to iterate a G7 curve directly out of Capture. This creates a simple and automated process for operators to perform a quality check on G7, process colors and spot colors.

  • The Virtual Control STrip allows you to define placeholder patches for spot colors. This allows you to have one control strip for indefinite named spot colors that get selected press side based on the spot color running for the job. If not spot color, it represents a blank substrate patch.

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