January 28, 2023

Advanced barcode automatization

Areas of bar-code  CC Capture integration:

  • Operator authentication/sign-in
  • Task selection 
  • Job name 
  • Customer ID

In order to help Capture recognize destination for various kinds of barcode data, a simple prefix has to be added.

Barcodes can help work faster and error-free. Most of the barcode automatization is built-in to CC Capture. When working in Print Inspector downloaded PDF control-strip will contain a unique Data-Matrix barcode for task selection.  Also, the Operator may download his/her personal QR code from Capture (click on operator name in the top-right corner to access it)

 We recommend performing three simple exercises to learn how to.


Automatic Job description in pre-press workflow

Most of the RIPs on the market can automatically print Job Name/Job ID. Replacing regular font with barcode font can be a tricky solution. In this case, we recommend using hybrid fonts that are human-readable.



Specification for integration

data destination  prefix suggested type of barcode notes
User ID  system restricted (%U) QR-code, Micro-QR PDF417  use Accountability Inspector
Task selection system restricted DataMatrix  use Capture Inspector
Job Name %J code 39, code 128  use human-readable barcodes
Customer ID %C code 39, code 128  use human-readable barcodes
Project ID ID %P code 39, code 128  use human-readable barcodes

Please don't use % in your naming convention - this character is system-restricted (excluding %J, %C -as described above).


  • This tutorial shows you how to use barcodes for automating the selection of the print condition. The barcodes are generated by ChromaChecker for easy creation and use in production.

  • This tutorial shows you how to automate the entry of metadata for Job Names, Customer Names, and Project Names. This eliminates the need for operators to manually type in the names.

  • This tutorial shows how to automatically log into ChromaChecker using barcodes, QR codes, or ID Cards.

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