September 3, 2021

Advanced barcode automatization

Areas of bar-code  CC Capture integration:

  • Operator authentication/sign-in
  • Task selection 
  • Job name 
  • Customer ID

In order to help Capture recognize destination for various kinds of barcode data, a simple prefix has to be added.

Barcodes can help work faster and error-free. Most of the barcode automatization is built-in to CC Capture. When working in Print Inspector downloaded PDF control-strip will contain a unique Data-Matrix barcode for task selection.  Also, the Operator may download his/her personal QR code from Capture (click on operator name in the top-right corner to access it)

 We recommend performing three simple exercises to learn how to.


Automatic Job description in pre-press workflow

Most of the RIPs on the market can automatically print Job Name/Job ID. Replacing regular font with barcode font can be a tricky solution. In this case, we recommend using hybrid fonts that are human-readable.



Specification for integration

data destination  prefix suggested type of barcode notes
User ID system restricted QR-code, Micro-QR PDF417  use Accountability Inspector
Task selection system restricted DataMatrix  use Capture Inspector
Job Name %J code 39, code 128  use human-readable barcodes
Customer ID %C code 39, code 128  use human-readable barcodes

Please don't use % in your naming convention - this character is system restricted  (excluding %J, %C -as described above).

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