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High Pressure Indicator Set



This is a complete set required for high-pressure measurements. In the dedicated suitcase, there are:

  • High Pressure Indicator Instrument
  • Calibration unit
  • Sensor blade
  • 36 substrate labels (re-usable)
  • Two AAA batteries

Watch the attached video to learn how easy it is to use this system.




Sensor blade length 350 mm/13.8”
Sensor blade thickness 0.2 mm/0.008”
Nip width ≥ 5 mm/0.2”
Cylinder diameter All sizes
Nip temperature 10–60°C/50–140° F
Cylinder surfaces Metal to rubber/rubber to rubber
Rubber hardness < 95° shore A
Measurements per sensor Tested up to 4000 times
Measuring unit (force/area) Newton/cm2
Measurement range 20–999 N/cm2
Display resolution 1 N/cm2
Patent SE-519 918.
Patent SE-1450052–4. Patent Pending

NIP Control Tools

NIP Control tools are supported by ChromaChecker NIP Inspector - a dedicated software that helps to document and analyze Nip measurement. Learn more about Nip Inspector.

Nip Control Tools guide

System  Nip Width Indicator Nip Pressure Indicator

Nip width in millimeter or inch 

Peak pressure in Newton/cm2 

Type  Standard Version Traceable Version Low Pressure  High Pressure
Measurement range 2 - 20 mm
(0.08 - 0.79")
 5 - 50 mm
(0.2 - 1.97")
2 - 20 mm
(0.08 - 0.79")
5 - 50 mm
(0.2 - 1.97") 
 1 - 50 N/cm2 40 - 999 N/cm2
Instrument   W102 W102CAL P102LP P102HP
Sensor blade  SS30002 SS50002   SS30002  SS50002    PS35001
Calibration unit  N/A N/A CAL10SS CAL30SS C101  CAL25PS
Traceability - -  
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Nip Control Tools will be delivered directly from the manufacturer's inventory in Sweden. The shipping cost doesn't cover duties and taxes in the destination country. EC users will pay 23% VAT.
Users with VAT ID registered in EC will receive an invoice issued by a European ChromaChecker partner.   


  • This tutorial demonstrates using low and high-pressure NIP pressure gauges to set the cylinder pressure on the press. Uniform pressure is critical for consistent and uniform printing. Most presses are over pressed, and this unit allows the units to have minimum pressure that still provides good ink transfer. This is critical to minimize friction which minimizes heat and reduces electrical usage.


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