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Advanced Color Consulting

$400.00 / 2 hour

SKU: CC_AdCons

With the implementation of ChromaChecker within their organization, some companies learn that color problems that they are having are outside of their level of expertise. The customer knows that they want to accomplish solve a specific problem, but they are not sure how to do it. For this purpose, ChromaChecker is rolling out advanced color consulting services (both remote and on-site, delivered through our partners) to help customers solve their toughest color problems. These problems range from integrating a new printer workflow into ChromaChecker, to how to use ChromaChecker to check an Extended Color Gamut (ECG) workflow.

Here is a partial list of the types of color issues that ChromaChecker's Advanced Color Consulting Services can help solve.
  • Getting a device to a G7 Condition
  • Improving the accuracy E-Factor of a printer to match a given target
  • Printing on unusual surfaces and determining which measurement device should be used
  • Helping a company match two printers more closely
  • Building a Custom reference profile for their given workflow, if the printing aim point does not align with one of the 7 CRPCs per ISO
  • Helping a customer align their measurement devices using ChromaChecker Harmonization to reduce the level of infra-instrument error in the process, giving your company more room for error in the manufacturing process
  • Building ICC Profiles and applying them in the workflow for a specific print process
  • Measuring unusual surfaces (mirrored, metallic, highly textured) to get accurate and repeatable results
  • Building custom color specification to accommodate measuring color in one light condition and guiding the user to edit the color to match when in a different lighting condition.
  • Building a custom library using ChromaSpot to align with an existing color library that the customer is currently using
  • Converting Color libraries from Lab based to Spectral based so user can predict the color values when viewed under different illuminants and when rendered as tints and overprints with other spot colors (CxF4)
  • Educating user on how to create named colors in applications to manage spot color matching and how to apply a spot color look-up table in the workflow to apply proper color builds in an automated way.