Should I use M0 or M1 when measuring my prints?

Are your Instruments capable to measure both M0 and M1? A lot of older instruments don't support M1 measurements that are in most situations better. Upgrading to M1 might be very expensive and therefore it is not a simple decision/. We should take into account:

  • We need M1 when printing on substrates that contain OBAs and it is in the case of most low-price substrates. UV light will change the appearance of substrate white point - and the instrument should follow the same phenomena that the human eye can observe.
  • If in our workflow or as aim points we are using modern ICC profiles/characterization datasets - they are created based on M1 data and should be mixed with older M0. 
  • Remember not to mix measurements made with different M-conditions -  if OBA's existing data will not match.