Performance Inspector



Performance Inspector Generates Reports


Performance Inspector allows managers to understand how each of their print manufacturing devices is rendering color over the previous week or month. These reports can be emailed automatically and each manager will only get the print reports for the devices that fall under their responsibility. The Performance Inspector reports the percentage of prints that were make ready (waste) versus production (salable) prints; Comply to G7; Are within your Expectation Factor; Productivity of how well the printer was utilized.



There is also a direct link to the database which allows the manager to get more detailed information on any printer or operator to learn better what is happening on the device to better improve the performance.

Printers can be set up for different locations and different departments, and the managers that will receive the reports are configured within the Accountability inspector and assigned to the given printers so they only receive reports relevant to printers under their responsibilities. 


Screenshot of Accountability inspector filled out with managerial responsibility



The user activates the automatic email generation by clicking on the Notification tab, and selecting the weekly and or monthly reporting option:


Green dots on right activate the reporting functions 


PPrint Inspector

Sharing Job Reports Between CC Companies

Many ChromaChecker users farm extra work off to other printer providers, now those other printers can share job reports back to owner


PPrint Inspector

Large Format Benchmark Audit file

New PDFs that allow user to assess and benchmark printers with at least a 17x19



CC Capture Operator Log in via RFID

If Employees have bar codes, or RFID cards, they can use either of these devices to automatically log into CC Capture (ver. 1.1. is required). In multi-user mode RFID card can switch all setting for another operator in three seconds including sending all new parameters to the Instrument.


PPrint Inspector

Compare measurements within a track

Using the Dart Target graphic, ChromaChecker can now compare measurements within a track quantifying how different they are from one another


HColor Inspector

Visualize Spot Color Tolerance Values

Delta E is not sufficient as the only tolerance criteria to define brand/spot color conformance due to the non-linearity of colors in the LAB color space



Multi-page charts for CC Capture (i1iO)

Instruments like X-Rite i1iO have some limitation caused by limited scanning area. IT-8 or TC-1617 are typical examples where single page is too small, and the only way is split task into two or more pages. Now Capture is supporting Scanning templates where each page is defined separately - next joined into multipage measurement task.