February 16, 2023

Basic Display Uniformity (3x3): 1st Workflow to run

The goal of this workflow is to evaluate display uniformity. Uniformity is critical to qualify that the Display is appropriate for professional use. If the display does not pass this test, the display should not be used for critical soft proofing. Failing this test means that a user can put the identical image on two sides of the display, and they will look different. There is no way to fix this display. 

The ISO 14861:2015 standard defines the number, position, and tolerances of the measuring fields for the graphics industry, Please note that the 3x3 matrix does not meet the minimum ISO requirements (5x5 which is also available), however, it is a good pre-qualification test. 


Run Basic Display Uniformity (3x3) Workflow.

Select Workflow from the list - then hit the "Start"  button. Follow on-screen instructions.


The first step is instrument calibration:


Then the software conducts a series of nine measurements in various locations on the display: 

After calibration, the application informs the user where to locate the instrument for the next measurement

The built in 3x3 table measurements consists of three colors (white, grey, dark-grey) reporting the measured luminance.



For ISO compliance and professional uniformity evaluation, a 5x5 layout is available for both the Regular and the Pro version of CC Display license. Additional metrics are delivered as a part of the report.


ISO-14861:2015  Report

 The ChromaChecker server side report brings more data than the application interface.


Defining the Uniformity workflow on the server

Uniformity is defined by one parameter  (first tab: Pre-Qualification). It can be a part of a more complex workflow if desired, but if the display fails this assessment, there is often no use proceeding with attempting to calibrate and profile the display. That is why this metric should be conducted before any additional work is done with the display. If the display is not uniform there is no sense to continue.

The user can select the 3x3, 3x5, or 5x5 options, only the 5x5 option meets ISO specifications for assessing display uniformity.


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