June 16, 2023

CC Display Inspector

CC Display Inspector requires:

• CC Display Mac or Windows Client Application

• CC Account with valid CC Display subscription

• A high quality monitor

• A compatible measurement Instrument 

 How does it work?

  Monitor equipped with the measurement instrument Ambient Light

Light Booth or working space with standardized lighting.


CC Display is designed to make it easier for the operator to properly select all settings. It prevents differences and makes it easy to track potential issues. The cloud-based solution offers some unique features and creates immediately a big picture of how displays are performing within the entire organization.

Remote display management including soft-proofing becomes much easier with the solution that has been developed with our Partners from basICColor (the bat in the icon is not by accident!)


  • Advanced remote calibration 
  • Uniformity test
  • Gamut volume evaluation
  • Advanced ICC Profiling
  • Validation
  • Evaluation
  • Emulation

and unique correction tools:


Solution unique Benefits

  • Central management for a virtually unlimited workstation, locations hardware configuration
  • Simple interface for the Operators - workflow list synchronized with Cloud server 
  • Single-button operation - no operator's knowledge required
  • Lighting: Ambient and Viewing - integrated = for more advanced analysis by other CC Inspectors
  • Sensor correlation with central reporting
  • Light booth remote control supported (require compatible hardware)


System Requirements

CC Display can run on:

  • Windows 10 PC Computers
  • Mac OS computers

An Internet connection is required - software is reading workflows from Chromachgecker Cloud - Central repository, reporting, and management tool.


Supported Monitors

Virtually most monitors on the market today can be connected, however, to get successful results we strongly recommend monitors that support extended DDC communication and hardware calibration

There are a few critical parameters that should be checked before 

  • Wide viewing angles. 
  • Uniformity - non-uniform displays are useless, therefore uniformity test is critical
  • Gamut - technical ability to display colors should cover working color space.

Also, there are some additional recommendation 

  • The monitor should matt, anti-glare surface
  • It should be able to rich expected brightness - e.g. 160 cd/m2
  • DDC preferred hardware calibration is highly recommended

Supported Instruments

CC Display works with most instruments on the market. From a technical point o view, we can use both colorimeters and spectrophotometers. We also have to take into account that differences between instruments may be huge, but most of them are manageable. If your organization has different models of instruments a correlation is required.


Need a trial?

You may download CC Display and use it with test credentials. Take into account that software needs a license that is computer ID-based.  Once activated can be launched on one computer for a limited period only.

The regular Trial version gives you limited access to functions to check if your hardware configuration works fine. The user may calibrate monitor, check gamut, uniformity to qualify displays for profiling and more advanced features. It is also possible to get more advanced options available on request.



Quick Start - hardware/software compatibility test

You may test hardware/software/communication using test credentials for free even when not have a ChromaChecker account. Please follow the simple procedure here.

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