April 7, 2022

Display Inspector beta-testing

Important notes

  • Display Inspector requires new M1-based MacBook Pro to have OS 12.3.1 or later when using XDR displays, earlier OS versions are not supported. 
  • If using Catalina (OS 10) or Big Sur (OS11) we recommend updating to Monterey (OS12)

Please follow Quick Start instructions first

  • Use to test CC Display - a regular website doesn't allow access to the beta version. First login using beta credentials, from menu tools select Display Inspector. Use tab Workflows to create your own.
  • Install at least one Color Library  - if you don't have any download one of our Public Libraries - that will be useful to create a spot color list for verification.
  • Create your first Workflow in Display Inspector based on the demonstration account
  • Assign additional Operator - credentials will be required for the CC Display application

If you perform all workflows available on the demonstration account you may want to test the full version - be sure that you have a  CC Display license for your ChromaChecker Account. if you don't have it -—> contact David Hunter to join the beta program.


Known Issues and Limitations

  • First time software starts you will receive a message about a missing license
  • Some problems are in ChromaChecker Preferences Window on PC - the interface can be blocked from entering credentials. Click with right-click then try again
  • Consults troubleshooting section if your problem's fix is already described


Contact ChromaChecker Support

Additional information and Support Form is available for logged users.