May 13, 2022

MYIRO 9 Measurement device (formerly FD-9)

Konica Minolta MYIRO 9 (FD-9) Measurement device
Configuring the MYIRO 9 (FD-9)
Below are some screenshots and a brief description of how to set up charts on the FD9 for any control strip. The DigitalPres_QC is not appropriate for the FD9 so we’ll have to revisit the layout. The primary reason is that the leading edge requires 35mm before the control strip. Also, scanning two control strips on the same sheet does not seem to be possible. We can have two control strips if the sheet is cut and feed separately into the FD-9 as two different scans

Open the FD9 software and load the chart needed – load chart file - CC84 chart or any control strip





Edit the chart to match the printed sheet size and position on the sheet.
Note: you must have 35mm for the gripper leading edge to feed the paper.



Confirm Patch size is correct

In this example, we have an 8.5x11 sheet with the CC84 3 Row Control Strip starting at 35mm from the top of the sheet (Y) and 25mm from the side of the sheet (X). The distance from the top of the sheet has to be equal to or greater than 35 mm for the FD9 to be able to read it.

Edit chart for your sheet size and x,y coordinates for where it’s on your sheet. Need 35 to stay in the rollers


Getting Started with KM or Inline Spectrophotometer
Identify instrument to be used with the Capture software to read the CC84 Control Strip or equivalent
Download and install a version of CC Uploader Software from chromachecker.com site
Go to chromachecker.com
Login/Expert – default username and pw provided separately
Go to “?”/download/Uploader Software for Mac or PC depending on OS in use
Use CC84 target or equivalent to verify the condition of the press for LOB jobs.

Basic Training Material for using Uploader software – Tutorial for Uploader



How to identify your SOAP login: 

Go to chromachecker.com
Login/Expert – default username and pw provided separately
Go to icon and select “SOAP account” 
Create password
Go to icon and select “SOAP account” - Note the soap login and password

FD-9 Software Instructions



Some implementations have not received software from KM to drive the FD-9. This seems to be a change in marketing and support inclusions in the purchase of a KM-1 device. If you need KM FD-S2W software you can go to:





Contact ChromaChecker Support

Additional information and Support Form is available for logged users.