December 28, 2022

PC Qualifier

This tool is designed to compare Print Conditions from multiple substrates to determine the number of separate tracks for a printing device. Each track will is defined based on a unique print condition based on different aim points or different workflows. By comparing substrate with "PC Qualifier" ChromaChecker will determine the number of unique profiles for a workflow to achieve a specific E-Factor. Typically designed for Large Format, Ink-jet, and Digital printers make it possible to group similar Print Conditions and in this way manage various substrates faster and more efficiently.

To accomplish this task, create a track for PC Qualification and perform a control strip scan for each substrate used in production. Select the files in the track by checking off the box to the left and selecting the "PC Qualifier" button. The resulting report will group the substrates that can be part of the shared workflow.


  • Print Condition Qualifier to qualify the minimum number of curves or ICC profiles you need to accommodate multiple print conditions (substrates/printing options).

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