Accountability Inspector

Configure employees to be accountable for each device in your domain.

This Inspector helps transition your graphic arts company to a print manufacturing company by proactively assessing all components that affect your color reproduction workflow. Transition from a "Break - Fix" mentality into a "Pro - Active" assessment mentality which provides a manufacturing mindset. These are procedures that your employees should be doing all the time now, if you don't want to make them do more, then you are not ready for a Quality program where it takes a little longer to make sure it is correct, but you should never have to repeat any job because it wrong to begin with, hence a direct loss to bottom line.

All printing devices, lighting booths, instruments, platesetters, data loggers, and more

can be assigned to employees to:

  • Ensure each Device is operating correctly
  • Notification and or alerts sent when device is wrong
  • Ensure proper maintenance is performed in timely manner
  • Provide periodic verification
  • Provide periodic certification
  • Provide audits required for ISO 9000
  • Provide documentation for ISO 9000


Accountability Inspector allows management to ensure that all devices that the company owns are operating correctly based on each devices capabilities, it does this through:

1. Notifications

Informs the responsible person when a device requires a check to ensure conformance

Benefits – Only have to replace/send to a factory when the device fails your E-Factor conformance. No need to send/replace if the device is still accurate and valid.

2. Alerts

Sent to responsible person alerting them that the device is not performing to its intended level of capability.

Benefit – Immediately understand when there is a problem with an: 

  • Output Device,
  • Lighting, Instrumentation,
  • Atmospheric control,
  • plate setter,
  • Fountain solutions,
  • Nip settings

And be able to fix the issue before your color manufacturing is damaged due to the issue.


Configuring Accountability Inspector is very easy requiring few steps:

1. Define staff members (press Staff button on top menu bar) and enter:

a. Contact e-mail addresses and text numbers for all responsible people

b. Assign a persons responsibility using one of the three levels of the roles

General Responsibility – Top Managers

Managerial Responsibility – Operational Managers

Primary Responsibility – Operators

 c. Optionally setup framework for training / certifications 


2. Go to Mail Setting section and set all information that will configure SMTP mail server.

A dedicated mail account on your company mail server has to be delegated to send all notifications, 

system alerts, and reminders. So the mail will come from an address like with the domain name being your companies domain.

You may also create custom header and footer for each message according to company policy.