Create custom Color Palette/ Library

Alwan Color Libraries

  1. Launch Alwan Print Verifier X (APV) 
  2. Switch to Admin mode

  3. Go to Instrument in top menu
  4. Connect and Calibrate Instrument, select measurement condition
  5. Go to Color Library

  6. Click on plus icon to define a new sample 

  7. Enter name for the sample and Measure sample - click the button on your instrument

  8. "Save" or "Save and New" for more samples

  9. Export CxF file - select sample and click on Arrow Icon 

  10. Upload file to ChromaChecker Color Inspector



For better accuracy, we recommend you take several measurements and average them - APV supports this capability.



APV is fully CxF/x-4 compatible! Check proper check-box to switch to CxF/x-4.



Patches measured according to CxF/X4 specification will be marked on the list.


To create color palette description start from defining patch list - you want to define a number of patches printed on substrate and process black, and important tint values according to printed samples

We recommend exporting each palette in CxF/X-4.


Below is an example of a CxF/X-4  sample with 5 patches including 50% tint on the substrate. Captured data reflect setting made in APV - where on substrate we have 100, 50 and 0 plus100 and 0 on the Process Black.


 If you need to learn more about this standard click here.