Access to yours Personal Data

This page guides you to editing, correcting your Personal Data


1. Main User

 Access to data for editing/ correcting purpose

  1. Login to Chromachecker website using main User credentials
  2. Go to Top menu bar and select Menage Account

  3. Edit your data, then Save changes

Deleting Account and all Data related to. 

In the Menage Account on the bottom, there is a link to initiate Account Deleting procedure. Perform it to completely delete your data from the ChromaChecker servers. If your Organisation will continue using this account you should replace your Personal Data with new Organisation Representative. ChromaChecker offer is addressed to Organisations/ Companies/ Institutions  — technological setting, production data



2. An Operator, Manager or another member of Organization's staff

  1. Go to ChromaChecker Operator's website or launch iPad Application
  2. Click on User Icon

  3. Edit your data, then Save changes