CC Capture

X-Rite i1 Pro Family


  • Supported instruments: i1Pro, i1Pro UV, i1Pro 2

  • Modes: Spot, Scan

  • M-Condition supported: M0, M1, M2 (depending on the instrument)

  • Inspectors: Print Inspector, Instrument Inspector, Lighting Inspector

  • Soon: Color Inspector, Substrate Inspector, Plate Inspector


Features / unique benefits:

  1. Any Direction - the user may start scanning with the normal or opposite direction
  2. Bar-code support for Scanning Template selection and description.
  3. Lighting measurements


Basic principles:

The user has to start scanning before the first patch and end after the last one

  1. (start and end on white).
  2. When scan mode Some M-condition requires DualScan
  3. Zebra ruler is required for the scan in DualScan mode (i1Pro 2 only)



  1. Track your instrument with Instrument Inspector Target frequently.
  2. ChromaChecker Backer is strongly recommended - Errors caused by improper backing might be more than ∆E00=2 (Standard Proofing Paper)
  3. Calibration Standard (ceramic plaque), as well as optical path, have to be cleaned
  4. Launch X-Rite i1Diagnostic (free utility) to check Instrument and lamp restore procedure at least semi-yearly.
  5. Make sure that your USB socket delivers enough power and you are using high-quality connection cable.
  6. Be sure that environmental conditions (RHT) are in the recommended range



The limitation that comes from SDK requires to scan starting from the white area before the first patch and finish on the white area after last one.