CC Capture

X-Rite i1 iSis Family


  • Supported instruments: i1iSis 1, i1iSis 1 XL, i1iSis 2, i1iSis 2 XL

  • M-Condition supported: M0, M1, M2 (depending on the instrument)

  • Inspectors: Print Inspector, Instrument Inspector


Features / unique benefits:

  1. Auto barcode Recognition - based on iSis internal barcode-reader
  2. Additional bar-code reader possible (entering additional description)
  3. Pre-scan mode - read unknown bar-code (from any Chart Info compatible layout)
  4. Alias for any custom bar-code - creates a link between a custom barcode and scanning template.



  1. Track your instrument with Instrument Inspector Target frequently.
  2. Calibration Standard (ceramic plaque) path have to be cleaned
  3. Launch X-Rite i1Diagnostic (free utility) to check Instrument at least semi-yearly.
  4. Make sure that you are using high quality connection cable.
  5. Be sure that environmental conditions (RHT) are in recommended range



Specific requirements:

Scanning template In native Mode (without barcode) require very exact values listed on the following diagram. An error may cause huge differences in spectral data (more than 10 ∆E !) Use specific procedure to be sure that all numbers are correct.























We advise using barcodes for any repeatable tasks. This mode is faster and the Operator will not need to select manually Scanning Template.



How to prepare a custom chart for iSis family instrument

The best way is to use i1Profiler for this purpose.



  1. Go to the Advanced mode of i1Profiler, go to Printer Profiling section
  2. Drag and drop patch list (CGATS file downloaded from controlstrip tab in Capture inspector, or any compatible)
  3. Select Instrument
  4. In Device, setup check Enable barcode - if decide to work with barcodes
  5. Set  page size, margins, patch size and width according to your needs
  6. Save according to program guideline.
  7. Print and measure Chart with i1Profiles at least one time!
  8. Save measurement as Measure Reference Target — .rwxf file


Case 1 — Working without barcodes (not recommended)

  1. Create Scanning Template from the same control-strip - be 100% sure that that has exactly same patch list and - Set exactly same  patch width, height - all dimension and layout  visual grid have to match 100%
  2. Import .rwxf file created by i1Profiler - to set all critical parameters that are required for proper operation of the instrument. Any improper numbers may produce huge spectral errors - as the instrument will wrongly set position for patches!
  3. Launch Capture App
  4. Select proper Output Device, Track and Measurement Job
  5. Enter printout into iSis



Case 2— Working with barcodes

  1. Launch Capture App (quit i1Profiler before)
  2. Connect iSis and log in
  3. Select Barcode Auto-Recognition in Print Inspector
  4. Enter printout into the instrument
  5. The instrument will pre-scan it
  6. In top menu select: “Copy barcode”
  7. Paste barcode  it in selected Measurement Task as an Alias
  8. Re-launch Capture App - that will update a list of templates
  9. Select Barcode Auto-Recognition again
  10. Enter printout into iSis



From this moment Capture will scan automatically this Measurement Task without additional Operator intervention




Customising barcode.

If necessary the user may use any graphics software to replace existing barcode with the custom one. Be sure that it has the same origin - barcode has to be anchored on the left side.

The user may use either system barcode or a custom one. A bitmap graphic will be created automatically with all additional parameters (checksum) required by the instrument