CC Capture

Accountability Inspector - tune CC Capture for an operator

Accountability Inspector

– This Inspector allows a company to designate which operators are responsible for which pieces of equipment that require proactive assessments to ensure they are operating correctly, to ensure the manufacturing process doesn’t fail because one component in the manufacturing line fails. Critical components in the manufacturing line include the output device, measurement instrument, lighting conditions, substrate consistency, plate setter, and other devices.  Each of these devices can be assigned to different operators and given schedules to ensure they are checked on a regular basis to ensure they are in compliance.

Accountability Inspector also enables privileges for Operator and Managers. Each operator is typically assigned to the devices that they operate and the manager is assigned to the devices that are within their sphere of influence.


ChromaChecker Champion configures settings for each user, so the Capture interface will be limited to devices the Operator is responsible for.

Capture Inspector (Cloud accessible) has Measurement Task Tab. This is the place where Champion may filter all task by Operator / Instrument / control Strip and disable unwanted combinations. That will reduce a list of task that the Operator can choose from.  All task can be triggered by barcodes that will trigger proper settings for the Capture.  


The Operator may have only one measurement task available (if they only perform one task) or full access to all devices if they operate all of them. Smart settings will make data capturing error-free and very fast.


Data collected by CC Capture are assigned to selected Operator and can be used by Performance Inspector (available from separate Managers Interface - not accessible from Capture) provides reports for a given time period for each Operators work - this is helpful to understand if the problem is with the equipment of the operator and can help introduce the need for additional training for certain operators.