CC Capture

Instrument Inspector


In order to track your Instrument at least one Instrument Inspector Target have to be registered in your account. There is a variety of Targets that can be used for this purpose.



We recommend using one of offered by ChromaChecker. Targets can support more than one Instrument - if possible choose one that can handle all your Instruments. To learn more visit ChromaChecker website: Manual / Instrument Inspector Targets.

Mid-term Targets: X-42, B-42, I-42
Long-term: ChromaChecker – LucideonTM Ceramic Target CL-36

3rd-party product

• basICColor MesCal13 - metal target — containing 13 colored metal tiles
• Lucideon Printing Standards
• X-Rite ColorChecker Classic

Or Self-printed Targets:

• Ugra/Fogra Media Wedge 3.0
• Idealliance 12647-7 Control Wedge 2013


For Instrument Harmonisation we have developed dedicated printable

• H-100 ChromaChecker Target

Please Note:

All printable targets are made as a very short-term - we definitely do NOT recommend to use printable targets to track Instrument stability — in most cases light fastening will have a huge influence on results. Also in most cases, a surface is easy to scratch.


With registered Instrument Inspector Target it is easy to track your Instrument



The first usage - create a baseline

When starting to track Instrument a series of measurements has to be performed for the first time - Default Capture setting require to execute 5 measurements of whole Target.

Baseline creation will be triggered automatically if not exist, or on user demand by hitting the “Create Baseline” button. When done all measurements will be compared and the user will see a diagram that shows short-term instrument repeatability. Smaller numbers are better.




Target is scanned 5 times - the graph shows short-term variations

When done it is good to remeasure Target once again to see the results of verification.

Verification scan shows the last measurement result + last 10 measurement timeline.

The basic recommendation is simple - be sure that your instrument is in good condition, no dust in the optical path, cleaned calibration Standard (ceramic tile in most cases). Also, make sure that the target is not dirty or damaged If using printable Targets always use ChromaChecker Backer! The improper backing may produce a huge error (for Standard Proofing Paper 2we have measured 1,9 ∆E)


Daily (weekly) Instrument verification

Once the baseline is created a single Target measurement will check if the instrument can repeat the way how it sees the Target. It should be routine to frequently check the instrument — depending on the type of instrument it takes up to few minutes to be done - but it can save a lot of time if for some reason instrument is not working properly. Sometime it will require a simple intervention to fix.

For the users that have single target verification is extremely easy - measure Target and wait one or to seconds to get PASS or FAIL mark. Users with more than one target have to select Target first - a barcode sticker can make this process automatized.