CC Capture

Inspectors – ChromaChecker Tools

CC Capture, can connect with different ChromaChecker Tools
(depending upon the instrument capability):


Instrument Inspector

– check and track your Instrument for repeatability, inter-instrument agreement, manage inter-instrument harmonization, eliminate need to send instrument back to the factory once/year for re-certification.


Print Inspector

– evaluate everyday print manufacturing, analyze the accuracy and variation of a printing device; create data for Performance Inspector, G7 or TVI Curve Inspector. Measurements can be used for a variety of unique tools like Print Condition Qualifier (determine how many profiles based on different papers that your device uses, and Match ICC which determines which Reference Profile you should use in your workflow.

The ChromaChecker Champion may perform a variety of supplemental actions like grouping or comparing files for in-depth evaluations.

Print Inspector has two modes - Production and Make-ready which qualifies measurements for Performance analysis


Lighting Inspector

– evaluate Lighting Conditions - perform partial ISO 3664:2009 audit and assess accuracy to D50. Also, compare light booths to understand E-Factor error in the workflow when viewing the same color to understand the light booths influence in visual perception.


Color Inspector *

– create Color Libraries and Palletes. This tool is great for Brand Color Owners and helps to manage reference values for color conformance.


Substrate Inspector *

– track and analyze your raw materials: papers, plastics, and other substrates to ensure they are manufactured within defined tolerances. 


Plate Inspector *

– track the consistency of plate and imaging of plate setter before a problem occurs on press



The application is constantly being developed. New Inspectors, tools, features are released frequently.