Measurement - How to?

ChromaChecker Capture

ChromaChecker Capture is a free Desktop Application that enables direct instrument data capturing an automatically uploading to the ChromaChecker system.

CC  Capture is very unique - once configured is very easy to use. Most critical information that determines how software works are defined on ChromaChecker site. Depending on operator privileges application will be set up automatically reducing user's intervention to the absolute minimum.  Each operator will see only tasks corresponding to output device he/she is assigned to. The Operator will have a very few option o set. The application will return results in seconds - the operator will quick report and will know if the quality is as expected. If more option exists a barcode solution may be applied for fastest, more effective and errorless operation.

How Application works

First application launch (admin mode)

For the first time only, the application requires connecting to ChromaChecker Server. In preferences, the user has to enter SOAP Login and Password.  Additional options help to customize the user interface.

Working mode.

An Operator has to enter his login and password. Now the application will prepare user interface depending on how many different tasks is defined for this operator. If operator is assigned to one press (printer) and there is only one track defined, only one instrument is assigned to the operator and only one control strip defined in the Scanning Tasks Tab - an Operator will be switch to very simple window - where he can only connect and calibrate instrument and perform measurement task in a very simple way. If more choices are defined - the operator will have few additional selectors displayed. 

When the measurement is done system will return a simple report that corresponds to a type of device defined in Print Inspector. Report for various types of devices (digital presses, offset presses, proofers,..) is different.

ChromaChecker Capture Application will al the time connect ChromaChecker Server to update a list of operators and measurement task defined on master ChromaChecker account.


How To Setup — Capture Inspector

Log in as an administrator on the ChromaChecker server and set required parameters.

A. Link Operator to Device

1. Create Output Devices / Tracks in your Print Inspector

2.  Create a list of operators in Accountability Inspector 

3.  Assign operators to Output Devices (presses, printers) – Operator can see tasks related to the Device that he is assigned to. Yoy may click on Device name in System Overview or go to Accountability Inspector to define links.


B. Create Measurement Task

1. Create new or import control strip (chart) from Public Library

2. Create a Scanning Template – make a link between control strip and instrument. Some instruments require defining patch size, some few additional parameters like page size and origin of control strip or even more.

3. The system will create all possible connection between Scanning Template and all track /device combinations.The list of Measurement Tasks may be edited to disable unnecessary combinations.

If you need more automatization unique barcodes will be generated for faster and errorless operation. Additionally, aliases will enable to create shorter barcodes – that may save space on the printout.
Barcodes and aliases are an option only – This feature is dedicated to a specific scenario where there is a lot of devices,  tracks or control strips to work with.  


C. Activate SOAP Login

1. In order to use application, a SOAP credentials are required. Go to SOAP tab to set it and save password!

2. Launch the ChromaChecker Capture application – go to preferences (top right corner), enter credentials and Check Connection – the system will return current subscription status. Note that it must be valid in order to upload data!


Application Requirements / Limitations

  • Application is free but it requires an active subscription (either trial or commercial version)
  • Today there are two versions  64-bit Windows version and Intel Mac OsX 
  • Current version supports Print Inspector only (other inspectors will be supported soon)

List of supported instruments:

  • X-Rite i1 Pro
  • X-Rite i1Pro 2

Soon, the following instruments will also be supported:

  • X-Rite iSis, ver 1&2
  • Techkon SpectroDense
  • Konica Minolta FD-9
  • X-Rite eXact


Application download

 To get the most recent version of the application go to download section


Troubleshooting Checklist 

1. Do you have Devices Tracks defined – Go to print Inspector and check the list of devices/tracks

2. Check if your Subscriptions are valid – if expired no upload will be available. You can find this information on the start page or by clicking "Check Connection" button in application preferences window.

3. Check If Operator has an account ( login and password) and is assigned to any printing devices

4. Go to Measurement Tasks and check if Scanning template that represents a link between desired Control strip and Instrument exist.