ChromaChecker™ Cloud

ChromaChecker™ –The Color Cloud

Monitor every variable within your production environment 

ChromaChecker™ Eco System

is the solution which monitors all the key color variable/factors that can contribute to print issues which will eliminate errors. By monitoring every color variable,  you will recognize errors immediately and can identify the cause for many problem print issues. 

ChromaChecker has three unique modules based on where you are in your color control journey.


Stage 1–Learning Stage

ChromaChecker™ Qualification Module – Most people to not understand what the "normal precision" and accuracy is for any of their output devices. There are a lot of variables that affect both precision and accuracy including Operator procedures, Operator skill, device issues, environmental issues, and many other causes. ChromaChecker is designed to help a company assess and track all of these variables in order to determine which variables are causing the biggest problem in your workflow to help your organization fix them.

Ideally, before you make a purchasing decision related to an output device, you should understand the precision and accuracy of that device. Once you take delivery of an output device, you should continue to monitor the consistency and accuracy of the device throughout the life of the device using the ChromaChecker Print Inspector Module.

ChromaChecker’s Qualification module will also help users categorize your substrates into E-Factor groups and have ChromaChecker recommend the closest CRPC for each group. 


Stage 2 – Trending and Tracking Stage

ChromaChecker Trending and Tracking Module – will monitor your production process and alert you to problems before there is too much waste and physical loss. Process monitoring for all color components including output device performance, substrate, lighting, instrumentation, plate setter, and environment. 


Stage 3 – Correction Stage

ChromaChecker Process Control Module can be used to proactively troubleshoot your process and make suggestions or physical changes to your process to get your devices back on the given standard the you are matching to.
G7 Curve Inspector allows you to update your plate curves or TRC’s for digital devices