ChromaChecker™ Cloud

  • Content- most complete and beautifully integrated solution to track notify and correct process for any technology of output devices

  • Provides a clear framework for a graphic arts company to transition to manufacturing, any company can do it now. 

  • Provides tutorials and wizards that help a printer understand how their devices manufacture color and where the weakest link is regarding equipment and personnel. 

  • Helps companies migrate away from this "break-fix" mentality to a proactive assessment capability. This saves money and time because you know something is broken before you print output that customer will reject. 

  • Provides a sound methodology to capture customers expectations for color match and shows the printer if the device is capable of meeting that expectation. 

  • Not only monitors the process, but it can fix the process by iterating G7® curves that can be imparted into almost any device workflow. 

  • The operators don't have to learn a new software, this works with virtually any color client software on the market as long as it can export any of the ten supported file formats. 

  • There are numerous programs that attempt to capture data regarding print manufacturing but only this one can assess and track the precision of the instrument and compare the differences between instruments to determine if they are appropriate for the given manufacturing process. 

  • ChromaChecker™ integrates, tracks and assesses all devices that impact color manufacturing including proofers, press, digital output, instrument, lighting, platesetter, paper/substrate, temp/ humidity, fountain solution. It assesses each device using a universal grade which helps define if any device is inappropriate for given manufacturing tolerance. 

  • ChromaChecker™ can import and export color palettes for all types of applications and can create these palettes very easily. 

  • ChromaChecker™ can assess the productivity of a device and compare it to the quality of the device to ensure that you have the best trade-off between quality and productivity. 

  • Eliminates fingerprinting by ensuring all devices are maintained properly using our accountability manager

  • SOP and troubleshooting procedures are at a fingers touch to help operator

  • Maintenance events are captured and tracked to show operator what effect these changes have on operations. 

  • Instantly displays on iPad or web browser if device passes or fails desired conformance and graphics show operator what to do to get to desired condition. 

  • Supports over 10 color file formats and is instantly compatible with over 30 different programs. 

  • Supports process, spot and extended color gamuts. 

  • In one graph, displays the variation of the device to itself, the substrate variation, and the accuracy of the device to them printing aim. This allows for easily diagnosing if the problem is mechanical, raw material or workflow induced. 

  • Can share printer, instrument and light booth data with other ChromaChecker™ users to understand the influence of device variables throughout the supply network. Can also share with your consultant or color expert which greatly aids in diagnosing problems remotely.