Color Inspector

Color Inspector is a unique tool that creates a color bridge between the printing industry and other industries where color reproduction is critical.

Plastics, Textiles, Fabrics, and Paints are typical examples of industries where ChromaChecker Color Inspector will help to communicate and exchange data. Various measurement Instruments, measurement technologies, and conditions make it hard to communicate information about color differences. ChromaChecker's advanced calculation engines can translate measurement data - both spectral or colorimetric and help to improve color matching between various technologies. This is part of what Color Inspector is designed to solve. 


Color Libraries Support.

Color Inspector can import/export and manage Color Libraries. If you have a license for any Library ( e.g. Pantone) you may upload it and use with many ChromaChecker tools.
The preferred file format is a CxF (X1, X2, X3, X4) with X4 being the most complete. Click here for an overview the the CxF format....


Basic Features

Color Inspector allows you to compare colors, convert to different color description systems, find color matches in various libraries.

  • Color Inspector in combination with other Inspectors allows you to:
    Print Inspector - track stability of the color reproduction in any printing process.
  • Analyzing the effects of lighting conditions on individual samples and whether the whole color palette (Lighting Inspector)
  • Assessing if based on any profile/print condition selected color can be reproduced (is within gamut)