Instrument Inspector Targets

How to use X-Rite ColorChecker Classic as a Instrument Inspector target

X-Rite ColorChecker seems to be a cheap alternative to those instruments which, for reasons of physical construction, can benefit from such a solution. Please note that 24 ColorChecker patches are not sufficient to build a measuring instrument fingerprint for the Harmonizer.



For ColorChecker Classic measurements to be correctly recognized by the Instrument Inspector, defined CMYK reference values must be assigned to the measured patches. To do this, it is necessary to create a job template in the control program using the following CGATS file.
Because of the physical way to make ColorChecker - it is not possible to work in scan mode, only in spot mode. Please note that the front "frame" may by its thickness increase instrument distance from the surface of each of the 20 patches. Finally, readings might be improper.


Download patch list for ColorChecker working as Instrument Inspector Target

Alwan Print Verifier X-Rite ColorChecker .jobTemplate