Instrument Inspector

Compare Instruments

Comparing Instruments (in fact Baselines) is one of the key features of the Instrument Inspector. To understand the essence of the problem of differences in the measurement of various Instruments used in the production chain, you should use this option. It is possible to compare up to 7 instruments at a time. The result in the form of an abbreviated report (easy mode) gives the table - clicking on the target table invokes an expert report.


Instrument Comparision Procedure

  1. Create baselines for all Instruments to be compared. The fastest and easiest way is performing manual upload a series of measurement - system will create baselines automatically.

    To compare just instruments not targets - measure exactly same Target with all instruments to be compared - otherwise too many variables will effect final result! Remember that "compare" feature requires using same measurement condition for all devices. (It is normal that M0≠M1≠M2≠M3).

  2. Go to Baselines Tab and select proper baselines. Click on "Compare selected" button

  3. Instrument Inspector displays a comparison table - clicking on the target of this table brings up a detailed report